Texas SUX was formed by individuals just like you who are passionate about their Oklahoma sports teams. Whatever the sport, whether Sooners, Pokes or Hurricanes we love our teams!

What else are we passionate about? How bad Texas SUX. When we see burnt orange we get nauseous. When we hear they’re back, we roll our eyes. When our team competes against Texas we cheer louder and enjoy the game a little more…make that a lot more when we put an ass whoopin’ on them.

Texas SUX more than just one week a year in the fall. Texas SUX during basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, track, gymnastics, and golf seasons.

We are also a proud Oklahoma based company that donates 10% of all Net Proceeds to youth sports programs while promoting Texas suckage. Now you can join us in this awareness campaign and spread the word with our cool merchandise. Texas SUX isn’t a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

The Beer

 After 100 years of Bedlam, a Sooner and a Poke decided to meet at the Oklahoma State Fair in 2004 to try and resolve their differences...

At first, they just argued over who was better and made no progress whatsoever.  Eventually though, while eating Indian Tacos, and drinking cheap beer, they finally agreed upon their first topic - bad beer SUX!

The following day, they started discussing what, if anything, SUX worse than a bad beer.  The answer was clear - Texas was the only thing that SUX worse than a bad beer.  Thus, they decided it only made sense to make a great tasting beer while also memorializing how bad Texas SUX and the idea for Texas SUX Beer was born!

After years of planning, and taste testing, Texas SUX Beer is targeting a launch in late 2017 to early 2018!  Texas SUX Beer will be distributed throughout the state north of the Red River in liquor stores, bars and restaurants.  This crisp, clean, easy drinking beer is one we think you’ll love for practically any occasion - at the lake, watching the game, with a meal, you name it.

Mostly importantly, never forget Oklahoma will forever sit atop Texas and nothing SUX worse than a bad beer - except texas! 


Ken Stoner

Ken is a curious man who is also a philosopher, philanthropist, Eagle Scout, and Attorney. Most notably, Ken is the genius behind the creation of texas SUX Beer which in turn helped inspire the creation of Texas SUX Gear. He is an avid supporter of his alumni, Oklahoma University where he obtained his law degree. Ken likes to vacation frequently in Mexico - mainly so he can fly over Texas and look down on it. 

Randy M. Henderson

Randy is the President of Texas SUX Gear, a proud Okie and avid supporter of all sports teams within Oklahoma at all levels.  Randy is also an aspiring beer aficionado and says his greatest accomplishment will be launching the texas Vacuum Cleaner (™) which will suck like nothing we've ever seen besides a bad beer, and of course texas.  Patents are currently pending.

KickStarter Founders

This area is reserved for our KickStarter supporters who pledge at the Founders level. Whether you're an Oklahoma Sooner or Oklahoma State Cowboy, Founders will get their photos permanently placed on our website with a short bio. There will even be a separate Founders level on our KickStarter Campaign that will place your name permanently on the final 6, 12 and 24 packs. How cool is that?

Behind The Music


The texas SUX Beer song was originally written by Chuck Allen Floyd in 2004.  The lyrics were revised by Randy M. Henderson in March 2017 and the song was recorded by Clint Ingram and Travis Kidd.

The texas SUX Beer song is now available for download on iTunesSpotifyGoogle PlayAmazon MusicYouTube and just about anywhere else you get your music.

Chuck Allen Floyd  

Chuck is an alumni of the Oklahoma University College of Law, and a proud Oklahoma Sooner, but more importantly he is the original writer and performer of the Texas SUX Beer song. Chuck currently resides in Tennessee where he practices law so he can be further away from Texas.

Clint Ingram  

Clint Ingram is a multi-talented musician who figures he'll sleep when it's time.  His cover band, Lost on Utica, performs throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri, but never in Texas.  Ever since Clint started playing movies for all the neighborhood kids after school in elementary he's loved entertaining and he's never stopped. More info for Lost on Utica can be found .  

Travis Kidd  

Travis, a proud Okie, is a full time musician who has performed with or opened for the likes of Hank Williams Jr., the Dixie Chicks, J.J. Cale and the Charlie Daniels Band to name a few. However, he says his proudest achievement is living north of the Red River because the alternative would suck. More info on Travis can be found here


Beer Locations

Beer locations will be updated as texas SUX Beer becomes available in liquor stores, bars and restaurants throughout 2017. Check back regularly for updates and shoot us a line on our Contact page if you have a location you'd like to carry texas SUX beer. Apparel

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